Sicomin is a leading distributor of E-Glass Multiaxial (Non Crimp) fabrics, for use predominantly in manufacturing components for the Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and Industrial markets.

A comprehensive range of glass multiaxial fabrics, including Unidirectionals, +/-45 Biaxials, 0/90 Biaxials, Triaxials, and Quadraxials is available.

Bespoke engineered fabrics can also be tailor made using different ply weights and  orientations, as well as using chopped fibre mats and other substrates to create materials optimised for our customers’ applications.

Fabric weights from as low as 250gsm and up to 6,000gsm can be produced, with a variety of different fabric widths from 25mm through to 2540mm.

Key products include: 

E L (0)

Product Description


Other Datasheets:

L600 123cm

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E Lt (0/90)

Product Description

  • 0°/90° Warp & Weft two directional stitched glass

Other Datasheets:

LT1700 version "F"

E Bx (+45/-45)

Product Description

  • +/- 45° biaxial stitched glass fabric
  • Weights range from 160gsm to 2400gsm
  • Suitable for applications where torsional strength and stiffness are required. 

Other Datasheets:

Bx400 Biax VE Version "D" 125cm
Bx1000 Biax VE Version "F" 10cm

E Tlx (0/-45/+45)

Product Description

  • Warp triaxials are produced with a 0°/-45° /+45° orientation
  • Weight range from 300gsm to 1200gsm.
  • Fabrics can be supplied with widths up to 2540mm

E Ttx (-45/90/+45)

Product Description

  • E-glass weft triaxial are produced with a -45°/ 90°/+45°
  • Weight range from 300gsm to 1200gsm
  • Fabrics can be supplied with widths up to 2540mm

Other Datasheets:

Bx311 Biax VE 127cm

E Qx (0/-45/90/-45)

Product Description

  • E-glass quadraxials are stitched together with fibres aligned in the 0° /-45° / 90°/-45° orientations
  • Fabrics range from 600gsm to 2400gsm and are produced using a variety of different fibres 

Other Datasheets:

Bx1200 Biax VE Version "F" 127cm

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