These powerful products accelerate reactivity in epoxy based systems.

SA 300

Product Description


Comparitive Chart - Epoxy Systems - Accelerators

 Epoxy resin (g)Accelerator SA 300 (g)Hardener (g)Gel time on 150 g 20°CFilm dust at 25° CTG 1 Max °C / 16 H 60 °CImpact strength (kJ / m²)
SA 300
SR../SD../SA300 (0)100-27360 m6 H8019
SR../SD../SA300 (1)99127110 m4 H8422
SR../SD../SA300 (3)9732718 m3 H 308222
SR../SD../SA300(0.5)99.50.527175 m4 H 308526
  • Highly effective accelerator for amine hardening epoxy based systems
  • Enables fast hardening at ambient temperature
  • Augments the exothermic reaction and speed of reticulation
  • The acceleration of the reaction is proportional to the amount of SA 3OO added to the resin
    - It does not modify the glass transition value of mechanical characteristics of the epoxy
  • Produces a higher quality surface finish for systems that are sensitive to surface pollution caused by the absorption of humidity or CO2
  • SA 3OO is colourless, has very low viscosity and will not affect UV resistance
  • The use of SA 3OO cannot be considered as a substitute to a post cure heat treatment

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