Sicomin will be exhibiting at CAMX 2014 (Composites and Advanced Materials Expo) from the 14th – 16th October.

Sicomin’s accredited range is already used extensively by many Aerospace OEM’s and has been qualified for use by Airbus and Dassault. At CAMX, they will showcase their portfolio of products developed specifically for the Aerospace market.

Highlights include:

Sicomin SR1526 Fire Retardant Resin for Prepreg

A new Fire Retardant prepreg resin, this two component epoxy system is designed to suit in-house prepreg processes due to its ideal viscosity and range of combination hardeners. SR1526 has been awarded a number of accreditations for Aerospace cabin interiors. 

Sicomin SR 1126 Fire Retardant Epoxy

A self-extinguishing low viscosity product that has achieved both Airbus and Boeing’s FST (Fire Smoke and Toxicity) standards. With intumescent and halogen free properties it emits greatly reduced smoke and toxicity levels when exposed to extreme heat. SR 1126’s laminate classification approval has been identified as UL94 / V0 & FAR25-853 (a).

Sicomin SR1720 Epoxy System for RTM

This two component, very high performance, structural epoxy system is formulated for Infusion and RTM processes. It demonstrates a low viscosity and can be used in combination with a slow reactivity hardener for large part manufacturing and is ideal for carbon fibre mould production. Offering great mechanical properties after curing at only 50°C, this system can reach up to 200°C Tg.

Sicomin TOP CLEAR for Clear Carbon components

TOP CLEAR is a new generation, ultra-fast, coating formulation for clear carbon and other varnished components. UV stable with very fast hardening and self-levelling characteristics, it provides a high gloss, translucent finish and can be applied by brush or spray on a range of substrates including glass, aramids, wood and carbon and also can be used as a gel-coat.

Please visit the team on Stand 2983 to learn more.


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