Sicomin has worked within the Marine industry for 30 years and our products and services continue to be favoured by the world’s leading boat manufacturers. We possess expert practical knowledge, coupled with technical experience, and remain dedicated to our marine partnerships who we consider an integral part of our company’s heritage.

With an extensive range of marine laminating epoxies, multiaxial, unidirectional, woven fabrics and variety of core materials, our products are used by a wide range of customers. Several of Sicomin’s products have achieved Germanischer Lloyds or Lloyds Register accreditations, including:

From production boat builders seeking to improve manufacturing efficiencies, to commercial and military vessels requiring robust and lightweight materials, through to the superyacht sector that demands highly specific design elements and exceptional build quality, some of the most successful racing yachts feature our performance optimising materials.

The versatility and resilience of Sicomin’s products delivers a solution that is finely tuned to individual specifications and requirements, whether that is improved quality, streamlined production processes, cost reduction, reduced weight or enhanced performance.


SR 1710 / SD 882X

Structural epoxy system for Resin Transfer Moulding.


SR 5550 / SD 550x

The SR 5550 has been especially formulated for building marine composites: bonding, laminating and wood protection. It has an excellent adhesion to all type of woods.


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